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PTC Ads Update
We have recently updated the pricing for our PTC ads section, so if you are an advertiser, please take a look at our great prices starting form just 1.55 sat per visit. 
Monthly Offerwall and Referral Contests
Our 16th round of offerwall and referral contests have been finalized and a total prize of 0.04125 ₿TC has been awarded to the winners.
The new offerwalls and referral contests have the same generous prizes as listed in this table:
Rewards for the 17th round of contests
The rules for new contests will remain unchanged from previous rounds. Please spend some time to review the terms before starting the race:
Previous offerwalls contest
Previous referral contest
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via a support ticket.
Best of luck and take care
Team GraB.TC

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