Hello dear members,

Did you know that you can earn 0.698 BTC only by referring people to GraB.TC?

You do not need to roll faucet, solve shortlinks or click on any ads! Just refer other people to our website!
All you need to do is to share your referral link and earn up to 0.6984425 BTC! We have an Accumulated Referral Rewards Program (ARRP) for getting referrals which means that your rewards will exponentially increase when you refer more people.
For example, if you get 250 referrals, you will receive 20,000 Satoshis! and then if you get another 250 referrals, you will receive another 65,000 Satoshis.

So you will get 85,000 Satoshis in total for 500 referrals in this example. Now let's check how much you can earn by this amazing 'exponentially increasing' program:

So in the long term, if you reach level #13, you earned over 2,328 Satoshis per referral! Please note we will not make any change to these rewards until Bitcoin reaches $20,000. After that, we may slightly adjust the rewards, however, it would not be a big change! So do not worry, but be quick to collect as much as you can before Bitcoin rockets up.

ARRP is essentially a thank you to our active members/promoters who have successfully referred their friends/followers.

Why are we giving such a huge reward?
Because our revenue depends on traffic and we want to share parts of that with you. It's obvious that more members will bring more success and more stability for all. So it is a win-win situation for everyone.

How you can get referrals?
- Many members will buy PTC ads on other Faucet/PTC websites.
- Many other members will buy a banner ad in Ad network websites such as Adhitz, A-ads, Moonads, Mellowads, Cointraffic, Bitmedia, Coinverti, etc.
- Some members will use traffic exchange websites.

But is there any solution to refer people without any cost?
1- Forums: Make a topic on top forums and share your referral link along with a short description about GraB.TC
2- Forums signature: If you can not make a topic, no problems. You can participate in the forums with a personal signature that includes your GraB.TC referral link in it
3- Social media activity: Share your referral link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, Badoo, etc
4- Build a blog: Write a blog post about our website and share your referral link on it.
5- Create video tutorials on YouTube: Make one video about GraB.TC and let people know how it works! Publish your video on Youtube,,, and
6- Offer a referral rebate to your friends. This means that you can share part of your earnings with them to encourage them to register using your referral link.

In our "Jobs" page you can find the best forums and social networks to promote your ref link. Also, you can earn some extra Satoshis by doing these Jobs. Have a look here:

But do not forget the rules:
1- Do not spam. Do not force people to join.
2- We do not allow using services that sell referrals.
3- Your referrals must be unique and real. You cannot bring fake referrals, bots, etc.
4- Do not over-promise or give an unrealistic assurance to anyone with what they can earn on the website.
5- Do not try to abuse the system in any ways whether it is specifically mentioned or not in the rules/terms.

Please keep in mind that we will track/monitor all of your activities.

Now let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. So far it was only about getting referrals, but how about other benefits that you would get from your referrals?

1- We have a monthly referral contest with huge rewards where you can be one of the winners!
2- You will receive X% of their faucet claims, Y% of their offerwalls earnings and Z% of their shortlinks earnings
X, Y and Z depend on your membership type

For more information, please check the following pages:

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and hope it helps you understand more about ARRP and how you can accumulate referrals.

Have a wonderful day
GraB.TC team

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Chugi 11 Sep 2020 13:39
I like thus site because is amazing site tha allow you to earn btc without investment, and many reward you can get
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Love this website ❤️
Love from Pakistan 😍
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Very Good Website it is.
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Love to collect btc .
Now a days collecting btc is my passion and i would like to achieve this
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In website very very nice
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Amazing website that allow you to earn btc without investment, kudos to
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i want to do this.its very good
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Thanks of lot to it and it's all members whom create the website.
It is very nice , and easy to earn money.