- We have been experiencing a massive DDoS attack since 20 hours ago and still, we are under attack.

- We have added some new firewalls to our server and put some security measures in place. So far the attack is under control and we are monitoring it.

- This is not a normal attack and as we said it's a really huge one.

- Just wanted to let you know that everything is fine on our side and the website is safe.

- We are online and keep monitoring the attack. Please accept our apologies if you have experienced any downtime.

* Please do not send us a ticket about the attack and your not being able to load your account, etc. Everything is fine, but you may not receive any response from us about these types of questions.

Thanks for your understanding.

Views: 7,716 | Comments: 16 | Date: 14 Jun 2020 22:33
hammersfan85 24 Jun 2020 17:19
Thank you for the information
rosapoker07 22 Jun 2020 12:24
Gracias x la información, los ptc no todas las veces funciona
sonofpeace 21 Jun 2020 11:43
thanks for the information
elayvillanueva 19 Jun 2020 21:53
thankyoy for informing me glad you here all to send messageand inform
elayvillanueva 19 Jun 2020 21:51
thankyou for the advice
Tallcantommy 19 Jun 2020 04:03
Just wanted to SAY "THANKYOU" to you guys. You run a good site and the memo about the DDoS attack speaks to your professionalism!
desmantea 16 Jun 2020 11:59
Long live! Sure you are professionals!
romio273 16 Jun 2020 03:41
keep working guys and hobe solve all souloutions
thanks for all team
calameric2020 16 Jun 2020 01:29
Hello wish I could earn more
jakmonitor 15 Jun 2020 12:50
The problems with loading PTC Ads are solved. Thanks.