Attention: Strict obligations for reading the website rules - Please read before sending a ticket. Possibility of heavy penalties or account suspension if ignored.

There are a few questions that have been answered almost everywhere on the website as well as in the forums many times so far, such as:
- When will my withdrawal be processed?
- What is the minimum cashout?
- When would you pay if I request now?

It is a user's responsibility to at least have a read of the terms, FAQ and the upgrade page and familiarize themselves with these simple rules.

Effective immediately, if you send a ticket asking any of the above questions, or any other obvious questions similar to them:
- For the first time, your account balance will be removed as a penalty, without any refunds.
- For the second time, your referrals will also be removed.
- For the third time, your account will be suspended.

We would appreciate it if you can learn to read the terms, FAQ, and upgrade page before sending a ticket.
Please understand that our support team does not have that much time to answer these types of questions.

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Gramin 27 Jun 2020 12:04
Ознакомился. Спасибо