Fasten your seatbelts for the next round of monthly referral contest...this time the contest is going to be really huge!
There are more rewards as well as more winners, with updated and more robust rules to prevent cheating and encouraging quality referrals. So please have a read through the contest rules and make sure you completely understand them.

When the reward goes up, it naturally attracts more cheaters to the system, but as we want to have a safe and reliable referral contest, we have set the following rules to avoid them:

1- "PTSU" is strictly prohibited – under no circumstances you can use paid to sign up websites to introduce referrals.

2- "Ref back" is strictly prohibited – you cannot offer people a rebate or percentage of your earnings to become your referrals.

Note: if you do not want to participate in the contest, then the above items (#1 and #2) do not apply to you.

3- False advertising is not allowed – do not try to attract referrals with incorrect or misleading statements such as “join this website and get $1 sign up bonus”

4- Buying referrals from third party websites is not allowed – if you buy referrals from a website, forum or social media or anywhere that offers making referrals for you, your account will be suspended.

5- Having multiple accounts is not allowed – if you make multiple accounts, even under different names (including your family members) and using different devices, your account will be suspended.

6- You will only need to get 5 referrals to be eligible in the contest.

7- Your referrals also still need to roll 5 times to be counted for the contest.

8- Forcing people to sign up is strictly prohibited – do not spam in forums, social media, email, … If we find out or receive a report, your account will be banned.

9- Like the previous rounds of the contest, only new referrals who are registered within the contest period will be counted towards this contest.

10- Your referrals’ countries: if more than 40% of your referrals are from the same country, you will be disqualified from the contest. For example, if you get 1000 referrals and 450 of them are from one country, you will be removed from the referral contest. Based on experience, in most cases, this group of promoters are cheaters or introduce inactive users to the website.

11- VPN, VPS or Proxy is not allowed in any way! Both for you and for your referrals. If a significant number of your referrals found to be using proxies, we may put your account on hold until we finalise our investigation.

12- Creating a landing page is a good way to get referrals but not with cheating! There have been cases reported to us where the promoter has photoshopped their account balance to 1.035 BTC to attract people to sign up, or have put fake payment proofs on their landing pages, YouTube clips or weblogs. This item is also in line with item #3 and these group of people’s accounts will be suspended.
We want to have a clean referral contest where the real and honest promoters are rewarded, and quality and active referrals are added to our community. If someone is registered based on a false promise, they will lose trust and would probably become a negative advocate. So please use any authentic method to get referrals without cheating.

13- If someone is disqualified and hence removed from the contest, their reward will be awarded to the next eligible user in the contest. Now let’s have a look at the contest rewards

rewards for the 5th referral contest
As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch via a support ticket.
Take care and happy ref hunting!

Team GraB.TC

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