✔️ Did you know that you can earn money by completing simple offers such as watching videos, doing surveys and testing applications or games

✔️ Did you know that GraB.TC users earn 8,863 satoshis on average per offer they complete on our top tier offerwalls

✔️ Did you know that there are 5,000,000 satoshis to be won in our offerwalls contest

Our new round of the offerwalls contest has already begun and this time we are going to have 20 winners who will share a total prize of 0.05 BTC!

We have also reviewed and improved the point system of the contest to better reflect the effort you put into completing an offer. So, if you are doing offerwalls with higher credits, you would get more points in the contest too.

There are a few important points though to be mentioned here which many of the members are apparently unaware of, so please read through this blog post entirely.

1- Since GraB.TC is growing rapidly, not only in member size, but also in integrating new offerwalls and surveywalls, we have decided to have this round of contest a bit different. There are 2x winners as well as 20x rewards compared to the previous round!

2- We may not have such a big contest every month as this will be decided according to your feedback. In order to get a good rank and be one of the winners of the contest, you should search among our wide range of offers/surveys every day and hunt down the ones with higher credits. Clicking only on Bitswall offers or doing a few simple tasks on JungleSurvey would not normally give you enough points to win the contest.

3- Despite what most users think, winning in the offerwalls contest is not about the number of offers you do.

Winning the contest is only about the total credits you earn from completing offerwalls, so catching the big fishes is the only way to put you ahead of the others!

For example, a user can do 100 Bitswall offers and earn $0.05, but another user can spend the time to complete an offer on Offerdaddy, Adworkmedia, CPA Lalead, Personaly, Pollfish or Wannads and earn up to $15 for an offer. In fact, on average, GraB.TC users earn about $1 per completed offer on our top tier offerwalls.

In the above example, although the second user has ONLY done one offer, he/she would be far ahead of the first user who had done 100 Bitswall offers.
So, just pay attention to the number of credits an offer gives you.

4- Check out the offerwalls on a daily basis as the available offers keep changing and offerwall providers add new offers regularly.

5- We have no control over the completion of offers, so please do not contact us if you think you have not been credited for completing an offer, as it is beyond our control. That is eventually up to the offerwall provider to approve or reject completion of an offer and only if approved, we would apply the credits to your account. If you have any issues on a specific case, please contact the offerwall provider directly.

6- Please read the terms and conditions of the offer you are doing, as simple errors could potentially result in your reward being rejected by the offerwall provider.

7- Offerwall providers are not scams, otherwise we would have removed them from our website. In most cases when a reward is rejected, it is the user’s fault in not reading and understanding specific rules of that offer, not completing the offer correctly or even sometimes not using a real IP address, e.g. using a VPN.

8- You can check your points in the contest on the offerwalls page. You can also check out the top 30 users on the ladder as well as their points on the Offerwalls Contest page.

Now, let’s take a look at the prizes:
rewards for the new offerwalls contest
Do not forget that the key to success in offerwalls and offerwalls contest is to check a variety of offerwall providers day by day and hunt down some proper high credit offers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope it has been useful.
Good luck and take care!

Team GraB.TC

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