We have implemented some new changes to your GraB.TC account as per the following:
  • Faucet roll prizes are increased by 21%
  • Shortlinks
    • +50 new shortlinks have been added. Now you can earn more in this section every day.
    • Shortlinks’ rewards are also increased between 40% to 60% depending on shortlink websites' terms
  • Lower membership costs.
    • VIP (0.00005000 BTC)
    • Business (0.00010000 BTC)
    • Advanced (0.00015000 BTC)
  • More Offerwall Referral Commission and Shortlinks Referral Commission. For more information, please refer to the upgrade page
  • Lottery ticket costs were cut by 50%. Now you can buy a ticket for only 5 Satoshis.
  • Investment Game:
    • Maximum investment increased to 1,000 Satoshis per bet
    • Win rewards increased to 200%
  • More PTC ads are available now
  • Offerwalls’ reward rate has gone up by 25% to 38%


GraB.TC Offerwall Rate Match
  • Offerwalls Rate Match
    • If you find a competitor’s website that has a batter rate than us, please let us know through a support ticket and we will do our best to beat their rate.
  • Jobs page
    • All rewards have gone up. You can also get free VIP membership by doing simple Jobs. Please check out the Jobs page for more info.
  • Item 1.8. of the "terms and conditions" has been updated.
    • If you do not log in for more than 30 days, you will start losing 50 Bits every day until you log in again or your account balance goes to 0.
  • Weekly contests are here now.
    • 15 Offerwall winners, 15 referral contest winners, and 20 Shortlinks winners every week. With the current price of BTC, the total weekly prize would be around $250.
  • Referrals contest:
    • New referrals will count in the contest when they have at least 3 faucet claims. Also, to qualify for the contest, you must have at least 2 active referrals
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via a support ticket.
Thanks for your attention
Team GraB.TC

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